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'Green hybrid light rail transit on Folkestone's historic Harbour Branch Railway'

Welcome to The Remembrance Line Remembrance Sunday 2014 RLA wreath on extreme right. RLA chairman presents Dan Garung with our cheque in support of their proposed memorial.

Remembrance Sunday 2014 RLA wreath on extreme right.

RLA chairman presents Dan Garung with our cheque in support of the proposed Gurkha memorial to be erected in Folkestone.

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News Update - 30/03/2015

Sunday 29th March 1915 - First unit of British Troops arrive at Folkestone Harbour Station

                                                          BY TRAIN !DSC03774.JPG

Revealed on Sunday at the re-enactment of  first the British Troops to arrive at Folkestone Harbour 100 years ago during WW1- these soldiers actually arrived by train. These, we are glad to have discovered , were the first of some 3.5 million British Troops to begin their journey to the western front in this way. In fact very few marched to Folkestone Harbour and hardly any descended the 'Road of Remembrance' or 'Slope Road,' as it was known at that time.

Even the Canadians approached Folkestone Harbour by marching down Military Road from Shorncliffe Camp and along Lower Sandgate Road. Perhaps it wouldDSC03777.JPG have been more appropriate to designate this as 'Road of Remembrance'.  '

The Remembrance Line' , of course , could not have been thus more fittingly named than it is! Perhaps we should plant rosemary alongside the railway and Lower Sandgate Road.

We have also discovered that from 1917 the only troops to descend Slope Road in any numbers were the Americans for the simple reason that their rest camp was on The Leas. Therefore it would appear that our acclaimed arch is by its location a magnificent tribute to our allies from the good old U.S of A!  

The actual re-enactment was a simple, reverent  and totally relevant affair organised by the Folkestone Heart organisation of which RLA is a member. 3 local re-enactors were present including a lady dressed in the Edwardian style. Many of the group who attended remarked on the lack of a train for the occasion- which with a little imagination from the powers that be would have been quite possible. The modest throng included several RLA members whose response was built around the expression '...tell us about it...'

Also, quite recently we have been made aware of another station in our locality  sandgate(alsop6.1927)old12.jpgwhich played its part in delivering allied troops to Shorncliffe via the 'back way'. Sandgate station was located at Battery Point, Seabrook close to Hospital Hill.

This querky little terminus of the Hythe branch  also made its name for itself in the Boer War.

RLA  30-3-15

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Site of the former harbour branch carriage sidings(more recently a fun fair) adjacent to the harbour arm now operated as a truck park.

The monstrosity built across the vidaduct tracks in the name of art-Yeh Righto.

Halt the Destruction of Folkestone Harbour Railway Station

Recently one of our members has (via the Auspices of 38 degrees) run a national petition to avert the destruction of Folkestone Harbour Station by Folkestone Harbour Company and the latest total is 3399. Please sign this and share to everyone you know with a viewpoint similar to yours. Here is the link :

Folkestone Harbour Railway Ltd

Archive News DSC03778.JPG

Re-enactment of  first the British Troops to arrive at Folkestone Harbour.