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Green and Heritage Transport On The Folkestone Harbour Branch Railway

Welcome to The Remembrance Line Remembrance Sunday 2014 RLA wreath on extreme right. RLA chairman presents Dan Garung with our cheque in support of their proposed memorial.

Remembrance Sunday 2014 RLA wreath on extreme right.

RLA chairman presents Dan Garung with our cheque in support of the proposed Gurkha memorial to be erected in Folkestone.

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News Update - 02/02/2015

Just to let you all know that we've hit 3000 signatures on our petition to save Folkestone Harbour Station and by implication the Harbour Railway!

...and the total is still growing.

The Folkestone Harbour Company have publicly stated that the station is beyond repair. That is a ludicrous statement- currently the heritage railway movement is building steam locomotives from scratch and long demolished station buildings have been totally rebuilt to the original specification. Folkestone Harbour Station could easily be restored-and the Remembrance Line Association are poised to take on the task. Folkestone Harbour Company also reaffirms that the Harbour Railway is closed. So what- railways all over country which have been closed for 50 years or more are being revived from what has been  returned to green fields.

In Folkestone's case, a railway with the essential features of its infrastructure still in position is under threat because the plans of the seafront developer deem it necessary to sweep it away. However this appears to be a threat without substance as clearly the developer has totally failed to attract UK investors and is now hawking its aspirations on the international market. Obviously  the UK investors have dismissed the seafront development as not viable and Folkestone Harbour Company appears to believe that the international investors are less wily. I think not. I might add that government schemes like the one the harbour company is using is notoriously lumbering and could add years to the commencement of seafront building if any.

Furthermore when Folkestone Harbour Company present their Harbour Revision Order to the Maritime Management Organisation they will say ' look this harbour is useless- it has no rail link- I wonder how that happened?' Don't forget to sign and/or share  the petition if you haven't done so already-thank you.

Download a Copy of Our Objection to closure

Site of the former harbour branch carriage sidings(more recently a fun fair) adjacent to the harbour arm now operated as a truck park by Folkestone Harbour Company.

The monstrosity built across the vidaduct tracks in the name of art-Yeh Righto.

Halt the Destruction of Folkestone Harbour Railway Station

Recently we have (via the Auspices of 38 degrees) run a national petition to avert the destruction of Folkestone Harbour Station by Folkestone Harbour Company and the latest total is 3344. Please sign this and share to everyone you know with a viewpoint similar to yours. Here is the link :

Folkestone Harbour Railway Ltd

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